Sunday, August 24, 2014

New News on the Moon

Please check out the latest and greatest news with Craters of the Moon Marketing from August.
Click. Enjoy. Rejoice.

SkiBonkers. It's back!

"The ski and snowboard sale that drives Seattle crazy." 
SkiBonkers starts this Friday, August 29th and runs through Labor Day weekend.Craters of the Moon Marketing 
has once again teamed-up with SkiBonkers  to create the digital, online, transit and broadcast 2014 SkiBonkers campaign. It all takes place at Westfield Southcenter next to Sears, and for crazy skiers like all of us at COTM, this signals the beginning to the winter season.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

37th Annual Sturtevant's Anniversary Sale

It all starts on August 22nd 
and runs through September 1st.

Craters of the Moon Marketing has completed the 2014 campaign for one of the best pre-season sales in the Northwest. The 37th Annual Anniversary Sale. Pop into any Sturtevant's and Ski Mart locations in Bellevue, Alderwood and Tacoma to get some kick ass deals from the most experienced, and knowledgable folks in the biz.

The Anniversary Sale runs from August 22nd though September 1st.
It's Snow Time!

Campaign includes digital, online, broadcast and transit.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another Moon Shot

Craters of the Moon Marketing has launched our new website. This is our newest redesign and the third in three years. Always great to stay current. Please feel free to browse though the site to see all the wonderful things we do here at COTM. Click, rejoice, repeat. Enjoy.
A special thanks to the team here at COTM:

Executive Creative Director: Kevin Nolan
Senior Digital Designer: Julie Kinsler
Digital Designer: Tom Norris
Digital Designer: Ann Marie Brothers
Senior Copywriter: Joseph Bayles
Copywriter: Norman Wassle
Digital Production Artist: Lauren Cummings

Thursday, June 26, 2014

WSCADV: "Choose Respect"

Craters of the Moon Marketing has just completed the 2014 digital campaign for the WSCADV. Thank you to Kelly Starr and Nan Stoops at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Seattle Mariners, Gina Hasson and everybody here at COTM. Refuse To Abuse: There is No Excuse for Domestic Violence. Look for the content on MarinerVision prior to all the 2014 Seattle Mariners home games. 
Turn up the volume.

Thank you to:
Creative Director: Kevin Nolan
Writer: Vandy Kindred
Art Director: Kevin Nolan
Digital designer: Ken Orloff
Director/Editor: Kevin Nolan
Account Executive: Alyssa Taylor
Producers: Kelly Starr, Nan Stoops
Production House: Victory Studios

Client: Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence/ the Seattle Mariners

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Marketing Awards

Craters of the Moon Marketing took top honors in the 2014 Marketing Awards held last night at Bell Harbor in Seattle.

Crates of the Moon received the "Big M" gold award for our work on Sturtevant's SkiBonkers "Crazy" :15 second digital broadcast content. Craters of the Moon also received Silver Awards for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, the Tacoma Home & Garden Show and for the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. We also received Bronze Awards for the Tacoma Home & Garden Show,  the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Fat-ypus Skis, and Veterans Promise Coffee. 

Thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us to do this great work and a special thank you to all the folks at Craters of the Moon Marketing. More to come.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Work

Craters of the Moon Marketing has recently completed a content and digital campaign for Goldberg Jones. The campaign features the reality of men who are facing divorce and positions Goldberg Jones as the answer to the difficulty of searching for the questions men have when placed in this situation.

Thank you to everyone at Goldberg Jones and Craters of the Moon Marketing for this very innovative and ground breaking approach. 

Don't get "screwed."


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Little Retail Therapy

Will cure all ills... End the Madness.

Our newest client Kent Station took a very "non retail" approach to their newest brand campaign.

Craters of the Moon Marketing created broadcast content, online, tablet, mobile and radio applications that positioned
Kent Station as the cure to all the ills and "Maddness" of our everyday lives.

A little retail therapy. Enjoy.

Thank you to Kent Station: Cynthia, John and Sabrina. To George Riddell at Big House Productions.

And to the crew at COTM:
Creative Driectors: Alan Yamamoto, Kevin Nolan
Writer: Normal Wassel
Designer: Bret Boats
Art Director: Kevin Nolan
Editor: David Beckoff
Production Company: Big House Productions
Media: Michelle Strom, Strom Media

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wake Up

As we end this holiday season, ponder this. Sleep deprived driving is second only to drunk driving and driving while texting to major driving fatalities. Take your time, get some sleep and drive safely. 

Craters of the Moon Marketing has just completed this newest campaign for AAA Washington.

                           Mobile/online/print: AAA Washington

Friday, December 13, 2013


When Craters of the Moon Marketing began this project with L2R we knew we'd take some heat for it, but it's to the point and L2R is here and changing lives of low income kids. For if our children can't, or have difficulty reading, what's the point of all our technology. Be it in the classroom, mobile devises, tablets or laptops. A leg up for those less fortunate.

Thank you to everyone at L2R and the creative team at COTM.

              :15 second "Learn" pre-roll, viral and online.

Friday, November 22, 2013

2013-2014 Sturtevant's Campaign

Craters of the Moon Marketing has just completed the 2013-2014 winter campaign for Sturtevant's. The campaign features the technologically advanced skis and apparel by K2, Rossignol, and HEAD to name a few.
Thank you to everyone at COTM and Sturtevant's for allowing us to do this very cool and amazing work. Let it SNOW!


                   Salomon Skis

                  K2 Skis
A special thank you to:
Director: Jerry Brown
Creative Director: Kevin Nolan
Production Company: Victory Studios, Saul Mitchell
Client: Stephanie Clark, Marketing Director: Sturtevant's

See all the spots at: